Climbing around Reptile Ridge

My final Antarctic adventure involved an introduction to polar mountaineering.

Anna, Jack and I were taken up to Reptile Ridge by Malcy, ex-field assistant turned Winter Station Leader who had been getting a bit of cabin fever in his new office based job.

Reptile Ridge is the dramatic looking rock outcrop that looms above Rothera station. It’s used for recreational climbing and training for people going into the deep field.

Malcy roped us together in a line, the idea being that if one person falls down a crevasse they will be stopped by the others. We then walked up towards the rock.

With a bit of walking and climbing we ended up at the top of the ridge. There was quite a sheer drop each side.

We made our way along the ridge for a little way, and then abseiled down again. It’s a well travelled route which still felt suitably adventurous for a Sunday evening.

All good fun!